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Enjoying The Summer Night

There is nothing better than the summer night.  When we go outside in the summer we are warm, happy and want to experience fun and enjoyment.  One thing that we don’t want to deal with is bugs.  Some of the most dangerous bugs that you can experience in summer are ticks.  When a tick bites they can transmit disease which can be very dangerous if untreated.  This is why tick control bartlett is very important.

Outdoor lighting

You want to have good outdoor lighting.  When we have good outdoor lighting we can see where we are going and won’t knock into rocks and other dangers we can’t see.  Also, with outdoor lighting we will be able to accent great areas such as trees and water which makes for an enjoyable scene.


One thing that we don’t want to have happen is have ticks and other insects crash our outdoor parties.  This is why having light, candles and other measures available to discourage them is important.  When we throw a party the last thing we are thinking about are ticks. However, this is when they are out the most, so be sure to check yourself and other before going to bed.

If you get bit by a tick you want to try to remove it with a pair of tweezers.  If you can’t then you want to go and get emergency treatment at the hospital.  If the tick is allowed to remain on you, there can be serious consequences that you don’t want to deal with.

Just enjoy yourself

tick control bartlett

There is a lot going on now in the world and we need to be vigilant.  What we can’t see can hurt us so taking the time to really look around and take steps to prevent problems is very important.  These steps will also take very little time to implement but can save you countless hours later.