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Understanding SEO

For most people the world SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a term that they throw around at parties like it is a major event.  The truth is SEO is nothing more than creating the best possible page revolving around terms that inspire people to do a specific action.  This can be done with seo for franchises or any other niche market you can consider.


Everything revolves around keywords.  The words that we type into Google and other search engines are known as keywords.  When we type these words onto our website or into our blogs Google and other search engines will spider the site, see what the relevancy of your site is and then ranks it among all the other sites out there.  Where you fall is your SEO ranking.


seo for franchises

What people don’t realize is that the keyword isn’t that important.  What is important is that the keyword you choose is relevant to what it is you are talking about.  When talking about franchises you want to have a specific statement related to franchises.  If you are talking about another topic then you want your keywords to reflect that.


When it comes to ranking your site for SEO it all comes down to people.  You have to write your content, create your videos and craft your offers for people.  People are the ones that will eventually click on your links, consume your content and take your offer.  You have to get into the mindset of your customer and then craft something that they want, and they can’t live without.


To rank you will want to allow time.  Yes, you can rank high quickly with some tricks and manipulation of the system, but if you are not offering good content and an offer people want, it doesn’t matter how high you are ranking.  You have to convert.

To convert, give your work time.  Create companion content that is targeted at older content.  Over time you will grow larger and larger and you will be in front of more and more people.  If you are in a rush, then you will make mistakes and any progress you make will sink like a stone.